Academic Policy

Each student must maintain a satisfactory level of academic performance to keep his or her place at Meadowbrook High School.

Students are expected to:

  1. Have all the required books, class material and equipment.

  2. Do all homework, all other assignments, all tests and exams.

  3. Achieve a minimum of 70% in all work, tests and exams. Students with averages below 60% will be placed on “Academic Probation”. This can be applied to their overall average or individual subjects. When their child/ward is placed on Academic Probation, parents must make all efforts to ensure the necessary improvement. Where ‘Academic Probation’ is not remedial, a report will be made to the School Board and this could lead to a recommendation to another institution or the forfeiture of their space in this school.

  4.  Attend school for at least 90% of the school days each term.

  5. Attend all classes on the days that they are in school.

  6. Be attentive and participate in classes.

  7. Attend and participate in all field trips.

Repeatedly failing to attain a passing grade is a serious offence and the student may be:

  1. audited for performance concerns

  2. placed on weekly report

  3. placed on academic probation

  4. referred to the School Intervention Committee (S.I.C.)

If the offence continues, the student will be referred to the Board and could be asked to withdraw from the school.

Parents are encouraged to use the Progress Reports to monitor performance. Wherever the grades are unsatisfactory be proactive and apply intervention strategies. Contact the teacher, question and monitor your child. Make sure the grade improves on the next report.

Grading System

These grades are awarded on all reports based on the final percentage achieved by students. For Mid-Year and End of Year Examinations, the final mark is calculated using a weighted average where 80% of the examination score and 20% of the previous progress mark is used to determine the final percentage for each subject.


Teachers may award merits to students who in their professional opinion have gone ‘above and beyond’ in any aspect of school life. Merits are also given based on performance in graded tests:

Grade A = 3 merits

Grade B = 2 merits

Grade C = 1 merit

Merit slips are given to deserving students and these are handed to the form teacher who maintains the records for inclusion on reports.

A special token is given for every 25 merits earned.

Percentage & Equivalent Grade

Grade A (80-100) 100%
Grade B (70-79) 79%
Grade C (60-69) 69%
Grade D (40-59) 59%
Grade E (0-39) 39%


Star Performer

Gold ‘Star Performer’ badges are given to students obtaining an average of 80% or higher in the January or End of Year exams.

Silver ‘Star Performer’ badges are given to students obtaining an average of 70 – 79% in either the January or End of Year exams.

These can be proudly worn and are kept as memoirs by these students.


In September, a prize-giving ceremony is usually held and students receive certificates and tokens based on their performance in the previous school year.

Presentations will also be made to the Houses based on their positions in the various Inter-House competitions.

Based on the points accumulated by their students in the following areas as applicable:

  • Academics

  • Eisteddfod

  • Sports

  • Inter-House Quiz

  • Debating

The ‘Champion House’ award will be made.


  • Business Education

  • Caribbean Studies, Geography, & Sociology

  • English

  • Home Economics

  • Guidance & Counselling

  • History, Law and Library Science

  • Industrial Arts

  • Information Technology

  • Mathematics

  • Modern Languages

  • Physical Education & Sports

  • Science

  • Department of Social Studies & Religious Education

  • Visual and Performing Arts

Our Curriculum

Lower School (Grades 7 – 9)

*not graded for reports    **Grade 9 choices

Subjects Offered grade 7-9 v2

Upper School (Grades 10-11)

Students must do eight subjects to the CSEC level. Students are allowed to do subjects based on their Grade 9 choices, teacher verification and timetable possibilities.

Mathematics and English Language are compulsory for all students.

Students must choose SIX additional subjects, from those listed below:

Biology (Human & Social)
Caribbean History
Family & Resource Management
Food, Nutrition & Health
Industrial Technology
Information Technology

Physical Education & Sports
Principles of Accounts
Principles of Business
Religious Education
Social Studies
Technical Drawing
Textiles, Clothing & Fashion
Visual Arts


  1. All students, in their first six choices, must do at least one science subject, either Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Human and Social Biology.
  2. Industrial Technology students will do one of two options, either Mechanical Engineering Technology OR Building & Furniture Technology and must do Technical Drawing.
  3. Students doing Family and Resource Management must do Food, Nutrition & Health.
  4. Students doing Physical Education & Sports must do Biology or Human & Social Biology (HSB).
  5. Students doing EDPM cannot do Information Technology.
  6. Students doing Human & Social Biology (HSB) cannot do Biology.
  7. Theatre Arts and extra subjects may be possible, at a cost, in the Evening Institute.

Grade 12 & 13 Curriculum