New Students

A New Your Journey Begins

Congratulations on completing your primary education, a new journey begins. Let us chart you on a path of success, our teachers will guide you to excellence.

Transfer Students

Fresh Start

Transferring to a new school can be challenging. At Meadowbrook High school, we make transitioning and adapting to your new school environment easy.

Sixth Form Programme

The Next Step

Sixth Form/Grade 12 is a commitment to advance studies, it will enhance your use of time management and prepare you for the next stage in your journey. Let us show you how!

Just Browsing

Take A Tour

While you decide on which school to attend for the start of the new school year, we encourage you to take a tour of our school, observe the culture and see if its the right fit.

New Students

For new students, the registration process begins with the submission of required documents in Mid-July of each year. For all students, registration is complete when payment receipts for Parental Contribution are submitted to the Bursary. At that point, rental books will be distributed and students will be assigned to classes.

Orientation for new students takes place in the fourth week of August annually. All new students are required to be in attendance and wear their full Meadowbrook uniform.


Applying For A Transfer to MHS

Transfers into Meadowbrook High School are considered when an application has been submitted. Application Forms become available in July of each year. Acceptance into the school is competitive and depends on the availability of space. Students seeking a transfer into Grade 7 should have a GSAT average of at least 80% for consideration.  Students for Grades 8 – 10 may have to sit a qualifying exam in English and Mathematics for consideration.

When submitting the application for transfer, an application processing fee of $ 4,000 is payable and proof of this payment must accompany the form. The fee is reviewed annually, is non-refundable and does not in any way mean or imply acceptance.

6th Form Programme

Our Grade 12 students are expected to play leadership roles in school, display exemplary behaviour and an excellent work attitude. They must obey the school rules and be a good example for the other members of our school community.

These Documents Are Required!

Birth Certificate

Immunization Card

Passport Size Photograph
with name written on back

Submitted Forms & Payment Receipt

(whether completed online or in person)