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How to Transfer into Meadowbrook (Grades 7 to 10)


We can only accept transfers when a space is available.

The applicant must be at the standard for grade level

The transferee must have maintained a 705 average or higher including passing mathematics and English for grades 8 to 10. For Grade 7 students, they must have scored above 80% of the total PEP score for that year.

Complete the application package

A registration fee is required to be paid at the bursar’s office. The parent or guardian is required to complete the application on behalf of the student. After paying the registration fee, an application package is provided with instructions. A typical application takes two (2) to four (4) weeks to be processed.

How to Apply for Grades 12 and 13

Complete the 6th form interest form

The 6th form Interest form comprises of present qualifications, what they want to do in grades 12 and 13 and their career choice. Please note that there is a fee required for the processing of this form. You can access the interest form here.

External Candidates

External students will need to submit a copy of their CSEC results to the school along with the 6th form interest form.

Existing Students

If you are interested in attending grades 12 and 13, you will need to submit the 6th form interest form and await the results.

Tuition & Financial Aid

We prioritize affordability and have gained national recognition as a best value institution. With detailed cost breakdowns for all programs, we offer financial aid support to ensure access to quality education without undue financial burden. Let us help you achieve your academic goals.

Let Your Light So Shine