Our Sixth Form Programme is an advanced aspect of secondary education that equips students with the tools necessary to succeed at the tertiary level.

At Meadowbrook High School, students MUST pass  SIX (6) CSEC subjectsincluding Mathematics and English Language, with at least 4 of them at grades 1 or 2 in order to enter Grade 12.

Applicants who meet this criteria will be selected based on their known history, the payment of fees, and/or the outcome of an interview.

The Sixth Form Core Subjects are:

Sixth form Core Subjects MBHS

Only ONE subject can be chosen from EACH option. All students MUST do at least THREE subjects along with Communication Studies in Grade 12.



Students will need the following prerequisites to study some core subjects listed above.

It must also be noted that:

  • Your decision to enter Sixth Form should not be taken lightly. It is a commitment to advance study, use of time management skills and being trustworthy.

  • Our Sixth Form students are expected to play leadership roles in school, display exemplary behaviour and an excellent work attitude. They must obey the school rules and be a good example for the other members of our school community.

  • With parents signing the Flexi-Time Agreement and with the exception of named compulsory days, students may come to school for their first scheduled class and may leave the compound to go home when at the end of classes there are no other scheduled sessions. On a daily basis, there is no re-entry after leaving.

  • Students must have a 90% attendance at classes in their subjects, be academically successful in at least two of their core Unit I subjects in order to re-apply for entry into Grade 13.

  • Students must be punctual for all their classes.

  • Students must wear the correct school uniform.

  • Students participate in co-curricular activities.

  • Students are required, at all times, to be exemplary in conduct and speech.

Things to know before you apply!

  • There is an application processing fee of $ 2,000 which must be paid on completing the application form. The fee is reviewed annually, is non-refundable and does not in any way mean or imply acceptance.

  • Students should hand in completed application forms while awaiting their CSEC results by the stipulated date. This will give you preference in your subject choices.

  • Applicants should submit their exam results as soon as they become available.

  • A list of students satisfying the requirements and their provisional Student Number will be posted indicating those for whom interviews will be necessary.

  • The tuition is $ 49000, is subject to annual review, and must be paid in full to complete acceptance.

  • All payments MUST be made using the Student Identification Number provided for your child, at any Paymaster Branch using cash, cheque, debit or credit cards where applicable. Secured payments can also be made via this website.

  • For all applicants, the completed form must be submitted with a recent passport photograph.


If you were not a student of Meadowbrook High, you must also scan and upload:

  • A copy of your Last School Report

  • A character reference from a member of the Administration (that is, Principal, Vice-Principal, Dean of Discipline, Grade 11 Supervisor, Head of Department) of your former school, on the form provided.

  • Your original birth certificate

  • Verification of all your co-curricular activities (if not on last school report)