Ownership & Governance of Meadowbrook High School

The school is owned by the United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and is operated in partnership with the Government of Jamaica through the Ministry of Education. The school is managed by a Board of Governors. The Board Members are appointed by the Minister of Education, Youth and Information to act on behalf of the Ministry in accordance with the Education Act of 1980.


The board members include:

  • Seven persons appointed by the Church

  • Three expert individuals from needed areas

  • The Principal

  • Representatives of:

– Ministry of Education

– Parent Teachers’ Association

– Past Students’ Association

– Teaching Staff

– Administrative Staff

– Ancillary Staff

– Students’ Council

– The Community

The Senior Management Team is comprised of the Principal, two Vice Principals and the Senior Teacher with responsibility for Discipline.

Acting Principal

– Mrs. Gillian Heaven

Acting Vice Principal (Academics)

– Mrs. Kate Smith-Palmer

Vice Principal (Administrative)

– Mr. Lucien Reid

Senior Teacher (Discipline)

– Mr. Lucien Lawrence

Business Education

-Miss J. Kelson (Acting)


-Mrs. J. Richards-Graham

Humanities: Caribbean Studies, Geography, & Sociology

-Miss S. Wallace

Humanities: History & Law

-Miss K. Brown

Humanities: Social Studies & Religious Education

-Mr. M. Garnett (on leave) | Mrs. O. Herdsman-Hall (Acting)

Home Economics

-Mrs. C. Elliot-Norman

Industrial Arts

-Mr. C. Vassell

Information Technology

-Mrs. K. Edite-Haynes


-Miss N. Moore (on leave) | Mrs. J. McKinley-Donaldson (Acting)

Modern Languages

-Miss L. Francis

Physical Education & Sports

-Miss C. Hamilton


-Mrs. R. Knight

Visual and Performing Arts

-Mr. L. Lawrence

Grade 7:

Mr. C. Gunzelle

Grade 8:

Miss T. Stephens

Grade 9:

Mrs. S. Grey-Ebanks

Grade 10:

Miss S. Dyer

Grade 11:

Miss S. Clarke

Grades 12 – 13:

Mrs. C. Dennis

Co-Curricular Activities

-Miss H. Johnson


-Mr. L. Lawrence

Events Planning

-Miss T. Brown

Timetabling and Website Maintenance

-Mr. J. Stewart

The Administrative Staff and Bursary consists of the following individuals:


Mr. G. Henry

Assistant Bursar:

Miss D. Shaw

Bursar’s Secretary:

Mrs. N. Henderson-Cameron

Accounting Clerk:

Miss S. Jones

Accounting Clerk:

Miss P. Dougal

Principal’s Secretary:

Mrs. S. Montgomery

Administrative Secretary:

Mrs. D. Shand-Cameron

Administrative Secretary:

Miss D. Wilson


Over its sixty glorious years of existence, Meadowbrook High School has built for itself a name that epitomizes progress and achievement. Just take a look at a few captions which have appeared in our national newspapers over the years: “Meadowbrook makes big jump in high school rankings” (Gleaner, February 29, 2016); “Meadowbrook High wins All Together Sing 2014” (Gleaner, December 14, 2014); Meadowbrook, Camperdown students top UNICEF visual arts competition (Observer, March 17, 2013); “Meadowbrook High School teacher wins Spanish Teacher of the Year Award” (Observer, October 10, 2013). From these captions, it becomes evident that Meadowbrook High has done well in the area of academics, for which it has been fittingly hailed in the media as a “Caribbean giant.” But more than that, the school also continues to excel in the arts, and boasts some of the finest teachers on its staff.

How did this school, rising from the ashes of obscurity in its early decades, become one of the most sought-after schools today? I believe it is because of its record of achievement both inside and outside the classroom. The school’s rich tradition of robust leadership, beginning with its co-founders, Revds. Madge Saunders and Henry Ward, has instilled a vision of excellence among teachers and students alike. This, along with the strong spiritual heritage that comes from being a part of the wider family of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, has seen to it that, although our young people are being distracted by many contrary voices, certain non-negotiable values continue to be transmitted from one cohort of students to another. One of those non-negotiables is the significance of a God-centred life. Such a life will provide the necessary resilience capable of transforming a nation based on the principle embodied in the school’s motto: “Let your light so shine”!

Reverend Norman O. Francis