Each Student Must:

a) attend all Devotional Exercises and Assemblies;

b) attend all classes doing all assignments, tests and exams;

c) be punctual for all their classes;

d) wear the correct school uniform;

e) obey all the school rules;

f) participate in at least one co-curricular activity;

g) at all times, be exemplary in conduct and speech.

It has been a long established practice, that in advance of external exams classes are suspended and the students remain at home managing their time and maximizing the returns of study. This flexi-time proposal for Sixth Formers is a partial fulfillment of this same practice allowing students to go home and maximize their non-scheduled time.

Parents must sign the Flexi-Time Agreement, authorizing the release of their child/ward from school on their request purportedly to go home at the end of their scheduled classes for that day. There is no re-entry to the compound on that day.

Our Graduation Exercise

Our Annual Graduation Exercise is held on the first Thursday in July for school leavers. Valedictorians, who give the main address on behalf of the students, are selected from within the group by a special committee.

The ‘School Leaving Award’ which signifies the completion of the five year High School requirements is presented at this service.
The level of the award obtained depends on the student’s academic achievements.

These are based on the average of the grades obtained in the End of Year Exam for Grade 10 and the Mock Examinations in Grade 11.

  • Diploma with Honours

    Students with an average of 80 to 100%

  • Diploma with Credit

    Students with an average of 70 to 80%

  • Certificate of Achievement

    Students with an average of 60 to 69%

  • School Leaving Certificate

    Students with an average of 50 to 59%

  • Certificate of Attendance

    Students with an average of below 50%

Requirements For Graduating

To be eligible to receive a ‘School Leaving Award’ students must also have:

• Attended school for at least 90% of the school days each term.
• A satisfactory record of class attendance and performance.
• A satisfactory discipline record.
• A credit for at least one co-curricular activity per year.
• Settled all financial obligations with the school.
• Returned all library books, rental books and any other school property.

Circumstances that impact a student's graduating prospects:

When there is an incident which may affect the graduating prospects of a student, the member of staff and the student will submit written reports to the Grade 11 Coordinator.

Based on the reports, the parent/guardian will be informed and appropriate intervention will follow with a view to correct the deviant behavior. A student, whose deviant behavior continues or is added to, after intervention, may eventually be deemed by the Year Coordinator to be at risk of not graduating. The Principal and Parents/Guardian must be informed forthwith and intervention sought as necessary.

Any such student, whose deviant behavior still continues or is added to, will be excluded from the list of graduates and the parents/guardian informed.

Should the Graduation Committee find that a student is involved in a serious incident after ‘Study Leave and/or External Examinations’ which may affect the graduating prospects of a student, the parents will be informed and Year Coordinator along with the Principal and Vice Principals determine if the student can still be considered for graduation.