Healthcare Services


Research & Study



Health Care is provided by the School Nurse. Students who have fallen ill during school hours will be taken care of and may be kept at the sick bay by the School Nurse.

The nurse will make an assessment and will call the parent, if deemed necessary and issue a gate pass for the child to leave the campus for home or to access additional medical attention.

In cases of accidents or emergencies, the nurse may deem it necessary and arrange to have the student taken to the nearest hospital or medical facility and await the arrival of parents or guardians.

In cases where students are asthmatic, parents should state in writing any objection to their child being nebulized.

Medical insurance covers accidents 24/7 when the “Parent Support Contribution” has been paid in full. Parents are asked not to send sick children to school especially when their illnesses are contagious.


Breakfast is available at the School’s Canteen each morning from 6:30 am to 7:20 am. Each breakfast meal costs $ 250.

Lunch is available for purchase for the lower school between 10:40 am and 11:20 am. The upper school is served between 11:20 am and 12:00 pm. All food items must only be purchased from the School’s Canteen which is currently operated by Tastee Limited as concessionaires. Lunch is available at the following prices:

Small Lunch – $255.00

Medium Lunch – $295.00

Large Lunch – $335.00

**Note: Prices are subject to change with or without prior notice.

Research & Study

Opportunities for research and study can be done at the School’s Library. The library, with its print-rich resources and up-to-date technology offers a wide range of services for staff and students. The library is central to learning and is a place for innovation, curiosity and overall student enhancement. As a vital component of the curriculum, the library provides information materials to students and staff.

The library is managed by Miss K. Thompson and Miss J. Collins. As Librarians, they continuously expand the capacity of the library, building on the work of their predecessors. To date, the library is equipped with fictional and non-fictional reading materials, printing and typing facilities, a Facebook page, Gleaner and Observer Online Newspaper Articles as well as WIFI services.

Scholarship Program

The Canadian Chapter of the Meadowbrook Past Student Association Awards four multi-year scholarships to four most improved students who are facing strong  socio-economic challenges. The Scholarship Covers full tuition from grade eight (8) through to grade eleven.

Student Counseling Services

Giving students a voice!

The school currently has two Guidance Counselors and they provide help with the personal development of all students within the school. Between grades 7 – 9, our Counsellors provide Guidance lessons during the regular instructional time.

Our counselors are also important as they help students to discuss:

  • Personal difficulties;

  • Situations with other students; as well as

  • Situations with your parents/ teachers.

Additionally, the Counselors are involved in helping students with Career Choices, Health Education, Family Life Education, Vocational Guidance as well as Individual and Peer Counseling.

The Counselors also make home visits and focus on the ‘welfare’ considerations of students.