The School’s Crest consists of two concentric circles, in which the school’s motto is displayed in Latin. The school’s motto surrounds the school’s symbol, a golden star.

The star represents the potential of every individual to harness his or her individual talent and ‘shine’, thus making a contribution to the society in which he or she lives. Reverend Margaret ‘Madge’ Saunders adapted the crest design and motto.

Our School Crest

Our Motto

“Ita Splendeat Lux Vestra” which translates to “Let Your Light So Shine”

The School’s Motto is derived from the New Testament Scripture located in St. Matthew 5:16. In English, it says: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

In Latin, it reads: Ita splendeat lux vestra coram hominibus, ut videant vestra bona opera, et glorificent partrem vestrum qui in ccelis


The School Uniform is the Black Watch Tartan. The tartan was chosen to symbolize the school’s solidarity with the Presbyterian Church (Church of Scotland), which would later be amalgamated with the Congregational Union of Jamaica and The Disciples of Christ, to form the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

The colour green is symbolic of the greenery and trees of the original meadow like area. The blue is symbolic of the stream and brooks which were present. This was the origin of the name ‘MEADOWBROOK’.

School Spirit


Title -“Oh Meadowbrook we hail thee now”                             

verse 1

We build our foundation sure and strong

On truth and love, bulwarks against all wrong

On hard work and exemplary behavior

As we glorify our Father

verse 2

The meadow and the brook once claimed the sphere

Resound now with human voices in the air

Pure scholastic disciplines find their place

As we glorify our father.

verse 3

The daily round of Worship, Science, the Arts


Music, Social Studies play their part

Preparing us our place in life to take


As we glorify our Father

verse 4

We thank God for parents’ friends, good teachers

Who daily sacrifice to make us fit partakers of the


And help us to serve each other

As we glorify our Father


Oh Meadowbrook we hail thee now

Your sons and daughters here

Will seek to make our lights so shine

In service true to all mankind

Holding the flag of honour high

As we glorify our father


 We Build Our School

We build our school on thee, O Lord

To Thee we bring our common need

The loving heart, the helpful word,

The tender thought, the kindly deed;

With those we pray, Thy Spirit may,

Enrich and bless our School alway.


We work together in Thy sight

We live together in Thy love

Guide thou our faltering steps aright.

And lift our thoughts to heaven above

Dear Lord, we pray, Thy Spirit may

Be present in our School always.


Hold Thou each hand and keep it just:

Touch Thou our lips and make them

If thou art with us, Lord we must

Be faithful friends and comrades sure.

Dear Lord, we pray, Thy spirit May


We change but thou art still the same

The same good master, Teacher Friend

We change, but Lord, we bear Thy

To journey with it to the end.

And so we pray Thy Spirit may,

Be present in our School always.

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